Digital Marketing

Allow our team of creative talents and marketing experts assist you in making the most of the digital realm to engage your audience. Whether it be a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to maximise your brand awareness, or single content production initiatives – our creative process will ensure that you get your investments’ worth in returns.

IT Managed Service

Hand over the work required to maintain and cover your IT Services to our team of expert support staff and experienced developers who will proactively maintain, monitor, identify, manage and resolve any IT issues you may encounter. Rest assured with confidence in your IT infrastructure and afford yourself the peace of mind knowing that your IT systems are being handled by the experts.

IT Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

Our experienced and innovative IT consultants design SOPs that will help your organization perform better and faster with higher quality & increased customer service. We bring SOPs in their simplest form to support the right people in the right places ensuring that you have a structured quality system helping you in better, more informed decision making in accordance to your specific regulatory compliance needs.

IT Strategy/Master Plan

Our focus in developing an innovative and practical IT strategy is tailored to make technology an advantage for your company. Our extensive experience in catering to the needs of our wide range of clients give us insight to aligning your IT strategy and your organisational strategy in order to best support your business strategy. Our expert consultants will help you enjoy your business by ensuring that your technology are optimized to give you the right mix of technology capability, agility, reliability, and cost for your operations.

IT Risk Management

We help implement the principles of IT Risk Management (ITRM) to your organization in order to manage the risk that come with the ownership, involvement, operation and use of IT as part of your business. Our team will help ease the enormous compliance effort required to deal with the different regulations and audits that often distracts your company’s productivity so that your business can keep doing what it does best.

Business Continuity Plan

It’s important to dedicate your time and attention to plan for the future, including those events where “We thought it would never happen”. Let us help you overcome the most common misperceptions/excuses for not having a business continuity plan. Our consultants will help you identify, prepare for and prevent events that may disrupt business activities ensuring that your business can still operate and your assets protected even when a catastrophe occurs. If you still haven’t got a BCP for your company, it’s time that you consider creating one with us.

IT Audit Services

IT Audit services provide an independent and objective review of your current state IT infrastructure. Our certified IT auditors provide insight into the threats in today’s highly complex technologies aiming to help your business in understanding your key technology risks and how well you are controlling those risks. Our auditors maintain a number of professional certifications in the areas of information systems, application and network security, risk controls, as well as ethical hacking.

Data Management and Business Intelligence

We’ll help your organization in ensuring that vital data is fully covered and protected within your organization so that your data becomes a strategic asset for you. Our BI solutions and managed service will also help your organization in integrating critical data faster and more economically using tools and concepts such as data virtualization and data warehouse which will provide you with insights that improve your decision making.